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Upcoming EUP radio program guests !

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Upcoming guests and program content:

**  August 3rd, Dr. Raymond Moody and Lisa Smartt.

Program theme:  The University of Heaven.

Dr. Moody, author of multiple books including "Life After Life" and "Glimpses of Eternity."

Lisa Smartt, author of "Words at the Threshold,"  and founder of "The Final Words Project.”

https://theuniversityofheaven.mykajabi.com/ .

http://www.finalwordsproject.org/ .

https://www.facebook.com/finalwordsproject/ .

**  August 10th, Paola Harris, Rachel Mayo and Kosta Makreas.  "UFOs, Remote Viewing, Consciousness 

       and Contact."

http://www.starworsusa.com .

http://www.paolaharris.com .

https://etletstalk.com/ .

https://www.facebook.com/paola.l.harris .

https://www.facebook.com/rachel.burlock .

https://www.facebook.com/kosta.makreas .

**  August 17th, Preston Dennett.  “Schoolyard UFO Encounters: 100 True Accounts.”

https://prestondennett.weebly.com/ .

https://www.facebook.com/preston.dennett .

**  August 24th, Brent Raynes.  "John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries."

http://apmagazine.info/ .

https://www.facebook.com/groups/247611328722640/ .
    https://www.facebook.com/brent.raynes .

**  August 31st, EUP pre-empted for "Nothing But the Blues" with me hosting.
       http://www.kzum.org .

**  September 7th, Steven Barone.  UFOs over Vegas.

https://www.youtube.com/user/lasvegasbronco .

**  September 14th, KZUM Fundraiser and special guests.

**  September 21st, Frank Pasciuti, Ph.D.  "Chrysalis Crisis: How Life’s Ordeals Can Lead to Personal &
     Spiritual Transformation."
     http://frankpasciuti.com .

**  September 28th, Marie D. Jones.  "Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings: Stories of Fame, Death
     and Ghostly Immortality."
     http://www.mariedjones.com/wordpress/ .
     https://www.facebook.com/MarieDJonesWriter/ .

Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, the world's longest-running paranormal talk radio program.

Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, the world's longest-running paranormal talk radio program.