كيف تشرب للتنحيف

To lose weight, you should drink tea at the same time. It is advisable to arrange tea parties in the morning, at lunchtime and before bedtime. In the hot season, a chilled drink can quench your thirst during the day.
A fragrant drink should be drunk freshly brewed, still hot. You can not add flour products and sweets to tea drinking. If there is a temptation during the day to eat any harmful product, then you should drink a glass of tea.
The process of losing weight will accelerate proper nutrition. It is necessary to exclude from the menu flour, sweet, fatty, salty, smoked. The diet should contain a large number of fruits and vegetables.
To quickly lose weight, you can use the ten-day diet. During it, I drink tea 6 times a day. Drink a cup before and between meals. To avoid insomnia, the last appointment should be no later than 18:00.
You can also use the unloading day. During the day, you need to drink only green tea, adding skimmed milk to it. During the day you need to drink 2.5 liters of milk drink. This will cleanse the intestines and quickly get rid of excess fluid in the body.
Important! Do not use slimming tea for people who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal diseases. It will be harmful, as it increases acidity, which can lead to an exacerbation.
In order for the diet to give a real result, green tea needs to be drunk for more than a week.
In order to lose weight, doctors recommend drinking at least three cups of a hot drink a day. Drink preferably 35-40 minutes after a meal or 30 minutes before a meal. To increase the effect, you can add flax seeds, hawthorn, hibiscus.
Green tea can also be added to food. To do this, the tea leaves need to be ground to a powdery state, and then added to fresh salads or cereals.