Lizzo Brought the Side Ponytail Back for Cardi B’s Birthday

Lizzo performs on stage in a blue outfit at FOMO Festival 2020Getty Images

Cardi B celebrated her 29th birthday with a dancehall-themed party on Monday, October 11 and we need to have some conversations about it. Specifically, we need to talk about Lizzo's appearance for the night. The singer, who collaborated with Cardi on their hit single "Rumors," stepped out in a glimmering full-length sequin dress — which was also completely transparent, much to everyone's delight. 

But the real star of Lizzo's party look (at least if you ask us), is her hair. Opting for something totally new, she donned two side ponytails — or should we call them asymmetric pigtails? We're not sure —  with oversized silver butterfly clips. Whatever they're called, both honey-blonde 'tails cascade for what feels like miles, ending just beneath the singer's beloved butt. 

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Though this is the first time we've seen this kind of hairstyle on Lizzo, it definitely isn't the first time — nor will it be the last – that she's used butterflies to draw attention to her hair. Earlier this year, she adorned her adorable afro with realistic monarch butterfly clips. Shortly after, she wore two long and wavy pigtails with pink, purple, and blue butterfly clips placed throughout. Clearly, Lizzo's got a thing for insects, and we're totally on board with it.  

We'd also be silly not to talk about the fact that somehow, after trying endless hairstyles, Lizzo and her glam team are still coming up with fresh and inventive styles, cuts, and colors for her to wear. What will they deliver next? Who knows — but whatever that ends up being, it's guaranteed to look good as hell. 

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